Customize Clothing for Your Business! CG Fan Spotlight:

This week, Customized Girl would like to give a special shout-out to the gentlemen of was founded this year by Roger Ritch, Ryan Mckeon and Jared Mckeon and is based in New York.  Their goal is to become the Facebook of gaming industry!  Like Facebook, it’s an easy to use social networking site for gamers who play Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or PC games and want to compete against each other for money or on behalf of a charity of their choice; hence their tagline, “play for more”!

To help promote their business, the founders of decided to order customized tees from our site! Co-founder Roger Ritch writes, “The customization process on your site is simple, easy to use and enabled us to get exactly what we needed! We are more than pleased with the quality of the shirts and their designs. The shirts look and feel as professional as it gets, and while wearing them we’ve all gotten some type of positive recognition!”  We’re so glad to hear that Roger! Best of luck to you and your business, and we encourage all of our fans to check out!

One thought on “Customize Clothing for Your Business! CG Fan Spotlight:

  1. i love GameFace! we use it all the time for me and my xbox team =) i saw the owners at a charity call of duty tournament wearing those shirts too, looked awesome!

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