Give Back For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Looking for a fun, easy way to fundraise for Breast Cancer Awareness? You’ve come to the right place. For years now, Customized Girl has raised money to support breast cancer awareness by donating a portion of all breast cancer designs on our site to Breast Cancer fundraisers. This year, we are continuing the tradition by teaming up with the Side-Out Foundation, which will be the fourth year in a row now. The Side-Out Foundation helps people with breast cancer regain control of their lives through the sport of volleyball.

Whether you want to share your own story, inspire other women to keep fighting the good fight, or simply spread awareness, these customizable designs will help you share that message. Add names, positive words, event names for races, or anything else to sashes, tees, sweatshirts, dog hoodies and so much more. Explore these designs and more for inspiration!

Join us in fundraising money to donate to the Side-Out Foundation to help end this awful disease. Don’t forget to share your creations with us on Instagram!

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