How Saving a Design Can Make it Easy for Groups to Buy Custom T-Shirts

Think creating custom t-shirts for your group event is too much of a hassle? Think again! We believe in the phrase “The more there merrier” here at Customized Girl and with our “Save” feature, the process is painless!

Our design center is full of ways to make customizing a breeze. One of our favorite features allows you to save designs and revisit them when you are ready to adjust, complete, or purchase your custom items.

How it works: Say you create a custom t-shirt but aren’t quite ready to order. After hitting our “Save” button located in the design center, you will then be asked to sign into your account. Once you sign in, you will be able to save your design. These designs can be retrieved under the “My Account” option.

Here are some examples where this tool would come in handy!

-Let’s say you’re throwing a big party to celebrate your friend’s birthday. It sure would be great if everyone wore custom t-shirts with the birthday girl’s face printed on them, but maybe it’s not in the budget to buy them all yourself. (Side note: are you sure it’s not in the budget? We have pretty great group discounts). You can still create the design on Customized Girl and save it using the button in the lower left corner of the design center. Our Email feature even allows you to send your design to other people who are purchasing the item.

-Maybe you are designing  shirts for a business event, but you’re not the one buying them. No problem. Create the design, save it, and send the link to the person holding the purse strings.

-Another time this feature is great is when designing  shirts for a family reunion. Perhaps you need to get approval from a few key people before you commit to the design.  Save it, send the design to those people, and they’ll be able to post comments directly to the design details page.  If they have a really specific idea, they could even click the Customize button, make whatever alteration they wish, save their design as a separate version, and send around that link too.  Once you reach a consensus, send the design to the person who has the money and the size/quantity data and you’ll be wearing awesome custom t-shirts in no time!

See! Our Save/Email features make designing hassle free. If you still have questions check out our FAQ page! Happy Customizing!

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