It’s Easy to Adopt a Family this Christmas, we did!

It’s always better to give than it is to receive around Christmas time! Fueled by this Christmas spirit, we decided to adopt a local family here in Columbus, Ohio for Christmas. The holiday season is the perfect time to make a donation or volunteer in your local community, and if you have ever considered adopting a family for Christmas, the process is super simple and enjoyable!

First, you need to find a local service agency in your area. We chose to go through a local church to find a family we could adopt this year. The organization you choose to go through will help you find the right size of family that will fit within your budget. This is the exciting part because you’ll be able to find out the names of the kids you’ll be buying gifts for and you’ll also receive their wish lists. This year we have three awesome kids we will be buying gifts for and they are James, Johanna and Linda.

Once you have your family and their wish lists, all you need to do is go shopping and bring the gifts back to your local agency. It’s that simple! For our family, we chose to make it a company wide event. We wrapped a donation box and placed it in the break room so everyone from the Customized Girl team could have a chance to make a money donation to help us buy gifts. The response in donations was amazing and we can’t wait to go shopping for our family!

A big thank you to all of you who are making a statement by adopting a family for Christmas or volunteering in some other way to make Christmas special for others this year!

Customize Girl Adopts a Family

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