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Label Rebels – Hot Mess Express

Hot Mess Express Bachelorette Shirts - Bride and Bridesmaid Olivia

Label Rebel Olivia designed these awesome hot mess express shirts for her friend’s bachelorette party! They were a hit!

Here is the story behind Olivia’s “hot mess express” design!

“All of the girls LOVED the ‘hot mess express’ shirts for my friend’s bachelorette in Boston, including the conductor herself! We got tons of compliments and comments everywhere we went and the best part was that ‘hot mess express’ kind of became the theme for the rest of the wedding festivities! We also wore the shirts while getting ready on the wedding day and just could not stop with the ‘choo-choos!’”

“I have been going through Customized Girl for almost five years; ordered gear for my sisters’ weddings and a few of my friends’ weddings including bachelorette shirts, gear for the bride as a shower gift, and even funny personalized honeymoon shirts for the bride and groom. I think it’s such a different and thoughtful gesture for the Maid of Honor to design t-shirts for the bridal party because she essentially sets the whole tone for the party. And, if others are anything like me, I am ALWAYS last minute with this stuff. But my procrastination as never been an issue because most of the time I have ordered custom gear, it has literally been a week or two before the event and I don’t even have to pay for rush shipping because I almost always get the gear in a few days!”

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Hot Mess Express Bachelorette Party Shirts Front

Hot Mess Express Bachelorette Party Shirts Back

Hot Mess Express Bachelorette Party Shirts - Olivia

Want The Shirts? We’ve Got Them!

Hot Mess Express

Hot Mess Express – Conductor

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