Make a Statement with Custom Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are one of the best gifts to give and receive! They are traditional, yet an item that instantly brings comfort to anyone, probably because it was one of the first gifts we received as a child and something we hang on to forever.

As customary and effective they may be as a gift, teddy bears could use a little sprucing up to punch up the wow factor. Customize a teddy bear for that special someone by adding you own text, art and even images at Customized Girl! Yes, you can even upload an image and put it on a teddy bear, something unique only to our website!

Our custom teddy bears are outfitted with a plain white t-shirt that will be the canvas for customizing. Create the perfect message on your teddy bear and make it stand out from all the rest! Did you need more than one teddy bear? No problem! We can you help customize as many as you need or we can deliver that one custom teddy bear you were looking for because we offer no minimums!

What was the best teddy bear you ever received as a gift?

Custom Teddy Bears

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