Matching Couple Shirts You Both Will Love!

When browsing the Internet on your favorite websites like Pinterest and Wanelo, you’ll probably notice a trend that is taking off amongst couples; matching couple shirts! While every couple will have their own reasons for choosing to wear matching shirts, it’s usually to celebrate the fact that they are together or to celebrate an event. Whatever the motives are for creating matching couple shirts, we have some of the hottest designs couples are looking to wear. Our designs can work for all types of couples, from those of you who have just started dating to those that are engaged or married.

Hands Off My Guy/Girl

Want to make a statement to let others know he or she is off the market? Get the point across with these matching shirts.

Matching Couple Shirts - Hands Off My Guy/Girl

His and Hers

Couple shirts can show whose is who’s without being too cute. His and hers matching couple shirts can do just that.

Matching Couple Shirts - His and Hers

King and Queen

Who doesn’t want to be the king and queen of each other’s world?

Matching Couple Shirts - King and Queen


Simple and to the point, these mine matching couple shirts are an awesome choice! Plus, they are one of our most popular designs!

Matching Couple Shirts - Mine

Made For Each Other

Sometimes couples just go together, no explanation needed! It’s like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The combination of the two is a perfect fit!

Matching Couple Shirts - Made For Each Other

Matching couple shirts are a great way to add character and fun to a relationship. Grab one of these designs above or see what else we have available on Customized Girl!


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