Prank Your Family This Christmas With a Giant Personalized Stocking

Shouldn’t Christmas be a time for fun? For humor? For getting the family together and teasing them without mercy?

Back in the day, when people cooked over the fire and worried about wolves out on the prairie, families would make their own stockings with needles and thread and yarn and those types of things.  Often, a mother or grandmother would make each stocking by hand whenever a new child was born, or for the new son-in-law or daughter-in-law if there happened to be a wedding that year.  Usually, the stocking was customized for each individual.  You might add a pony to the front of a little girl’s stocking or the Autobot logo to a little boy’s stocking (after all, it was very unlikely that the Hasbro legal team would be able to find you).

The best part of these stockings lied in their individual nature. Without fail, certain stockings would end up a little longer or a little shorter than others.  Some would stretch and some would not. This of course led to much boasting from whoever felt they had the longest stocking and much complaining for those who felt, literally, short-changed.

In some cases, older brothers were known to roll up the top parts of the younger sisters stockings, making them appear much shorter than they actually were. This was a time-honored strategy because as we all know, whoever has the biggest stocking gets the most loot.  And isn’t that the true meaning of Christmas? No? Well, perhaps the true meaning lies in the rest of the family’s ability to find hilarity in such an action. Christmas is about family gathering together and having some laughs, sometimes at the expense of one another.

That is why Customized Girl is thrilled to introduce the  Giant Personalized Stocking.

Use our design center to add your own text, art, and images to the upper white part of this stocking. We highly encourage you to add your own name and place it in your cart. Then, add the name of each member of your family to their own, regular-sized custom stockings, and place them in your cart as well.  Hang them on the mantle, and enjoy the jealousy. You will get so many more gifts because, heck, more loot can fit in your stocking.  It just might be your finest hour.

And don’t forget about our personalized Santa hats and custom Christmas tree ornaments!


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