Promo Codes for the Week of 10/26/10 – 11/02/10

“UUUUGH! MY COUPON CODE WON’T WORK?!?!” We hate it too! So, we have decided to dedicate a weekly post to the current and active coupons / promo codes for Customized Girl. There are many coupon sites out there promoting our coupons and discounts but a lot of what you will find are expired or incorrect. So, if you are searching for promo codes or coupons, you are in the right place! Below you will find the most current coupons and offers with the satisfaction of knowing they will work!

CG1014: $5 off our Unisex Midweight Hoodie. Valid through 10-28-10.
CG1028: Get a pair of our White Basic Hotshorts for only $4.97! Valid through 11-01-10.
CG1019: Get one White Basic Tee for only $2.71. Valid through 11-02-10.
CG1021: $5 off one Unisex Midweight Full Zip Hoodie.  Valid through 11-04-10.
CG1026: Last Chance to get one $2.79 White Basic Tee!  Valid through 11-09-10.

Don’t forget: when you type in your promotion code in your shopping cart, click the “APPLY” button. Only then will you see your discount applied to your total amount.

That’s it for now. See you next Tuesday! OH, and Happy Halloweeeeen!

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