Sloth Shirts

Have you jumped on the sloths bandwagon yet? We’ve noticed that lately, these weird looking animals seem to be everywhere and only seem to be gaining popularity!

When you think about sloths, usually the first thing that comes to mind is a certain sloth named Sid, a funny character featured in a popular movie series. While Sid the sloth made the creature seem fun and loveable, sloths didn’t always have this image. In the mid 1980’s, sloths were actually portrayed as a more frightening creature in the well-known The Goonies movie. The sloth image has certainly come a long way since that generation and today they are loved by most for their relaxing and calm nature.

Just ask actress Kristen Bell who has always wanted to interact with one and finally got the chance on her 31st birthday! Listen to Kristen sharing her experience on The Ellen Show below!

Kristin Bell’s Sloth Meltdown

If you are like Kristen Bell and the many others that love sloths, you can capture the phenomenon on a sloth shirt! We are one of the few custom apparel websites where you will be able to find a range of sloth art to create the sloth shirts you have been seeing everywhere. Take a look below at all the different art we carry for sloth shirts! This art can be placed on any piece of apparel you find on our website.

Sloth Shirts and Tanks

If the excitement for sloth apparel has your mind racing with what you can create, just remember to ‘Keep Calm and Sloth On!’

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