Spread Your Message With Custom Tees, CG Fan Spotlight: Humble Sol

Hi CG Fans! Today we wanted to give a special shout out to one of our great customers, Divine. Divine customized a t-shirt line geared towards the empowerment of women. Below is information from her website that better explains her mission.

“Divine Essence is an outlet for artistic expression. A company that was created over time beginning with poetry performances at local café and clubs, poetry workshops and poetry under the stars events that are created to gather up the community for an evening of poetry, music, GREAT company and plenty of opportunity to network.

Divine Essence mission is to inspire, motivate and encourage the individual to express the BEST part of themselves.”

This was the goal when designing the t-shirts. Here is what Divine had to say about the line she created:

“Humble Sol is a T-SHIRT line created to invigorate ALL WOMEN. Divine does this by displaying pieces of her poetry and positive affirmations on the front of the shirts to REMIND ALL women that she is SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL. The name HUMBLE SOL was actually given to her by her oldest son ELLOHEIM. After sharing with him a brief description of what the t-shirt line was about and who it was created to inspire, while driving in the car one day he said “What about HUMBLE SOL”?. Humble Sol is more than a T-shirt, it’s a statement and Divine is determined to make a difference in the minds and hearts of our women. The WOMAN is her child’s FIRST teacher, after all.

Divine travels within the U.S. performing her spoken word poetry for different organizations and events. Divine was inspired by the MANY women and men she has met along the way. She too has a story to tell and hopes that her T-SHIRTs and poetry exalt other women to tell their story too. Divine’s poetry CDs, books and t-shirts can be purchased at www.divineforlife.org

If you have an idea that is worth sharing, designing custom apparel is a great way to reach others. Customized Girl has an array of products that are perfect for promoting your latest idea!

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