Tequila Shirts for National Tequila Day

Today is National Tequila Day! The only bad part about National Tequila Day is that it falls on a Wednesday, but it could be worse, it could have landed on a Monday.  Since this year, National Tequila Day lands on a weekday the best way to celebrate our love of this beverage is to create a custom tequila shirt! This way you have a fun shirt to wear when you can go out without taking the chance of missing work the next day.

Tequila already has the power to get the good times rolling for us, but once we put on a custom tequila shirt the party can reach a new level of craziness! According to a popular country song tequila can “make her clothes come off” but it won’t happen when you have a cute tequila shirt to wear.

Check out these fun tequila shirts available for you to Customize!

I vote for tequila shirt

Believe me you can dance tequila shirt

tequila never disappoints shirt

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