Top 10 Most Interesting Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a time for everyone to bring out the little kid inside and hop into the costume of their choice. You can pick a scary costume, one to make people laugh, one to show a little skin, or you can think completely outside the box and create a custom Halloween costume. Whatever your style, I hope that these celebrities will help spark your imagination when it comes to your costume this year. Without further adieu, I give to you, the Top 10 Most Interesting Celebrity Halloween Costumes.

  1. Heidi Klum as Kali – This one is my personal favorite because one, it’s Heidi Klum, and two look at that costume! This one had to be a favorite of the of the paparazzi. More from Heidi later.
  2. Kim Kardashian as Wonder Woman – Here we see Kim Kardashian doing one helluva Wonder Woman impression. Someone call DC Comics, I think they’ve found their next start?
  3. Terri Hatcher As the Queen of Hearts – The Queen of Hearts is a great costume, I think I might’ve rather seen Terri Hatcher as Alice instead, but nonetheless she pulls this costume off gracefully. I almost can hear her screaming “OFF WITH HER HEAD!”
  4. Katie Couric as Donald Trump – Wow. This one is certainly surprising. I think what is most surprising about this is the fact that Katie Couric does Donald Trump better than even Donald himself. Great choice on this one Katie.
  5. Mariah and Nick Cannon as Milk and Cookies – Nothing really goes better than Milk and Cookies, and at the time, nothing went better than these two together either. Unfortunately, Cannon and Carey are planning to divorce. Nice costume choice however.
  6. Seal and Heidi Klum as The Garden of Eden – I told you there would be more from Heidi, and again she is rocking a very creative costume. Check out Seal really trying to sell it! Plus I think these two definitely get the most fun celebrity couple award, don’t you?
  7. Jason Biggs as Dorothy – Okay this one is just hilarious. I mean seriously, look at Jason in this picture, I’m thinking he could’ve been a stunt double to Judy Garland in the original, had he been alive! Thank you for brightening my day Jason!
  8. Kelly Ripa as Sarah Palin – Okay, when I first saw this one, I wasn’t even sure it wasn’t a picture of Sarah Palin herself. If Tina Fey ever needs a break from being Sarah Palin’s body double, I think Kelly Ripa should give it a try. Great Costume Kelly.
  9. Christian Sirano as Cruella Deville – Cruella Deville is one of my most favorite fictional characters from my youth. I think that Christian could’ve easily been the star of the 101 Dalmations movie don’t you?
  10. Paris Hilton as a Sexy Cop – No Celebrity list is really complete in my point of view unless Paris Hilton is on it somewhere. Paris as a sexy cop isn’t necessarily all that interesting, BUT, I really hope that isn’t a real loaded weapon she is carrying on her side!

And that rounds out our list. Most of these really brought a smile to my face, I hope that you enjoyed them as thoroughly as I did. If you have some other cool celebrity costumes you’d like to share with us please share them with us on Facebook.

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