Top Ten Most Outrageous Celebrity Outfits

Celebrities have pictures taken of them every day. Usually it’s because they are in a glamorous outfit that most of society can’t come close to affording. Well this time, these celebrities probably should have taken an extra look in the mirror before they stepped on the stage. I give to you the Top 10 Most Outrageous Celebrity Outfits!


    1. Bjork goes Swan: At the 2001 Oscars, you may remember when Bjork donned a faux swan as her red-carpet ensemble and called it an outfit. How could you forget, right? In one night, Bjork went from an obscure singer from Iceland to a household name! Whether or not it was intentional, the “dress” became buzz-worthy, and everyone was talking about this outrageous ensemble!
    2. The Purple Prince: Oh Prince. Prince has always been known for his flashy, purple get-ups, and this one is no different! One could actually assume that his signature song “Purple Rain” was actually about his favorite color. Here the pop icon is pictured at a Fendi party during Paris Fashion Week, Oct. 6th 2009.
    3. Fashion Sense is M.I.A: At the 2009 Grammys, singer M.I.A caused quite a stir when she wore this polka-dot bodysuit. It wasn’t the polka-dots that caused the buzz, but the fact that she was nine months pregnant when she wore it, and the dots certainly emphasized her sizable bump. Instead of wearing something that outrageous she should have settle went for a custom maternity shirt.
    4. Domo Arigato Kyle Minogue: Singer Kylie Minogue kicked off her American Tour in California in September of 2009 wearing this futuristic fashion. Ms. Minogue never fails to entertain, and for this tour she seems to have been inspired by some Lady Gaga style costumes as she performed on stage.
    5. Britney Goes Circus Freak: Brittney Spears has definitely worn her fair share of outrageous outfits, and for her circus tour, she pulled out all the stops! In this particular outfit, it appears that Brit has created a twist off the “Illustrated Man” concept to go along with the traditional circus theme.
    6. Sushi Anyone? Katy Perry has become well-known for her unique costume choices and sense of style. As Perry performed at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan, she wore a leotard embroidered with rows of sushi, with a Japanese kimono. The fans at Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo were amused by her choice of garb, and the show went off without a hitch. Nicely done Katy!
    7. Gaga Scissorhands: Lady Gaga is known for her one-of-a-kind dress style. This year at the MTV Video Music Awards, between her red-carpet attire, and her performance costumes she came up with at least three memorable outfits to say the least. One of which, was this black lace Jean Paul Gaultier dress with Dragon print silk underlay from Gaultier’s fall/winter ready to wear collection, accentuated by a feather neck brace.
    8. Beyoncé: Beyoncé is by nature a show stopper. For her 2009 European tour, Beyonce wore this curve-enhancing gold corsage, which also emphasized her love for the extreme. The gold corsage was complete with an extravagant bow on the singer’s rear.
    9. Perez Hilton What!? Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is known for his colorful personality, and that is also reflected by his choice of wardrobe! At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, he wore this multi-colored jacket, yellow-orange hair color, and yellow hands. Outrageous to a “T”.
    10. Madonna Goes Crazy: Like Brittney Spears, Madonna has is renowned for her outfit choices. Here she is wearing what appears to be a Luis Vuitton outfit, accentuated by a large bow in her hair. Memorable, outrageous, and Madonna, all in one!


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