6 Annoying Things Every Mom Says That Really Do Matter

It turns out, moms really do know everything.

All of us have been on the listening end of a mom lecture, whether that lecture was delivered from our own mom, or from a “mom-ly” teacher or friend.  While we tend to quickly role our eyes in the moment, what mom says really does hold weight in the real world.  Here are 6 of our most favorite annoying things that moms say (that really do matter):

Mom:  She who does not speak will not be heard.

Advice that holds true regardless of the audience; whether in front of your boyfriend or in front of a board meeting.  Listen up girls; we shouldn’t be afraid to make a statement, or contribute our ideas to the conversation.  Do your research, know your talking points, and give yourself enough credit to speak up.

Mom:  Make the decision before you’re in the situation

Having a plan is important, no matter what you’ve got going on. It could be having a budget for going back to school shopping or how you’ll react during debate team. She’s right when she tells you to plan ahead, thinking through something helps you react as it happens.

Mom:  No matter where you go and no matter what you do, there will always be someone better than you.

Humility is endearing.  Just look at what happens when you go all Miley Cyrus on things; it’s not that attractive.  It’s worth noting that humility requires confidence, not robs you of it.  Brag less, believe in yourself, and steal every opportunity to learn from the people around you.

Mom:  If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything.

True on the playground, and true in the lecture hall.  There’s no value in saying something hurtful to gain some kind of advantage over people.  That’s a move owned by bullies, and you’re better than that.  Try complimenting before you cast aside, and you might just be surprised by the results.

Mom:  There are plenty of fish in the sea.

True dat.  That chump that broke your heart?  He’s not worth the time or the energy.  Let him know how you feel, and move on.  It might not be easy, and it might feel like your chest in caving in at first; but there really are better options out there.  Never settle for someone who readily takes advantage of your emotions.

Mom:  A smile is a tremendously powerful thing.  Use it recklessly.

A smile alleviates tension, casts aside anxiety, and it never goes out of style.  Uniquely yours, your smile is your strongest accessory in this world.  Use it to break the ice, convey confidence, or to help people feel more comfortable.  Smile when you’re feeling down and in the dumps, and when you’re stressed and over-anxious.  You might just find that fun things happen when you smile without regard for the consequences.

Mom:  Always wear clean underwear.  You never know when you’ll be in an accident.

‘Nough said.

Moms really do know what they are talking about.  Thanks, mom and mom-like friends, for always having our back and knowing just what to say.  What advice did your mom give you that turned out to be wise advice? Share your favorites with us in the comments below!

6 Annoying Things Every Mom Says That Really Do Matter

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    When you invite a friend over, you’ll be EMBARRASSED

  2. @Meghan – Thanks for sharing! This is a good one! Growing up my mom would always say something about my room being a mess and of course I never listened. My friends never wanted to come near my room, so embarrassing!

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