Customized Girl Annual School Scholarship

Having an education is a beautiful thing, but what isn’t, is the amount of money it costs to get that education. At Customized Girl, we want to help the women of tomorrow and we’re delighted to announce the Customized Girl Annual Scholarship!

As you have probably already noticed, we are all about statement makers and celebrating those who have an important message to share with the world. Statements are what we love and that’s why our scholarship is centered on making them!

As college students, we know you are busy enough with essays, exams and, more than likely, even a part-time job to help pay for the degree you are working towards, so we wanted to keep our scholarship simple and to the point. Share your statement with us in 140 characters or less, no longer than a tweet! Make it the one statement you think will change the world if people actually put it in to action!

We bet you’re wondering what you get if you win! Don’t worry, we didn’t forget. We just wanted to save the best for last! If you are chosen as the winner, you will receive a one time $2,500 scholarship to help with your college expenses, a unique shirt design and an interview with us, which will be featured on our blog. Pretty awesome, right?!

If we have piqued your interest, click the link below to read more about the details and to enter the Customized Girl Annual Scholarship!

Learn More About The Customized Girl School Scholarship

Customized Girl Scholarship

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