Custom Marine Tees! CG Fan Spotlight: Caroline

Hey there CG blog-readers! I have yet another fantastic/creative/amazing/fantastic/fabulous fan who posted her design on our Facebook page.  Caroline Brooks (Avery) created her “Marine Wife” design for when she goes to visit her hubby at Camp Pendelton for the Memorial Day weekend.  These two are high school sweethearts who got married in January, and are planning a big wedding celebration in the near future.  We hope you have a great time with your Marine this weekend, Caroline! Thanks for sharing your story and your design with us 🙂

If you would like to be featured in our “CG Fan Spotlight” you can post a photo of yourself in your design to our Facebook page.

One thought on “Custom Marine Tees! CG Fan Spotlight: Caroline

  1. I like Caroline”s design. I must say I really don’t care for the “property of” shirts, but I like this.

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