CG Group Shots: Camping Trip 2010!

Lately we’ve been asking our customers who ordered group designs to send us their pictures so that we can show them off a little…okay, maybe more than a little! It’s been absolutely amazing to see how creative and artistic our fans are, and I can’t wait to share their design photos with you! Who knows, maybe some of them will inspire your next group design! Enjoy:)

This group photo was sent to us by Mika.  Mika’s husband and his friends have taken a camping trip together every summer since they graduated from high school.  To commemorate the 10th (or 11th) summer of their camping trip, Mika designed these awesome “Camping Trip 2010” tees, and the guys loved them! What a good wifey! We can’t wait to see the tees she designs for them next year!

If you would like your group to be featured on our blog, simply post your picture to our Facebook page, or send us an email with your photos attached.

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