Family Reunion Month

Tie Dye Family Reunion Tee

July is family reunion month! During July, there are many holidays that are celebrated; some are just for a day, or a week, and others for the entire month.  Family reunion month is a great time to hold your family get-together! The weather is great, which means there are plenty of options in terms of outdoor activities, and ways to keep the kids entertained. You could have a water-balloon toss, play horse shoes, backyard volleyball, and barbecue, have a scavenger hunt, and more! The possibilities are endless, and each family has their own traditions.

Family reunions are great because many families are spread throughout many different states and they may not get to see each other too often.  So during this get together you can all come together and see the family that you have not seen, and get to see how all the children are growing up, as well as catching up with family you get to see a little more frequently.  You can even commemorate this special event by creating custom apparel like these Family Reunion T-Shirts!

Griffin Family Reunion Tee

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  1. Our reunion is in October this year & not July. It has always been in July, but because of everyone being so busy with sports & vacations in July, October is the month we all could agree on.

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