Christmas Bucket List: 25 Fun Things You Need to do Before Christmas!

We wait all year for Christmas and before we know it, the holiday has come and gone. What we risk is missing out on all the holiday fun that leads up to Christmas Day. The last thing we want to have happen on December 26th is to realize that we missed out on our favorite holiday traditions. And since Christmas is the busiest holiday of the year, it’s easy to forget all the fun things we can do! Well this year, we want to help keep that disappointment from happening, so we have created a bucket list of 25 fun things to do before or on Christmas Day!

  1. Hang your favorite ornament in the center of the Christmas tree
  2. Watch a holiday movie
  3. Make a Christmas list
  4. Build a snowman
  5. Go sledding
  6. Check out the Christmas lights around town
  7. Eat a candy cane
  8. Make and eat gingerbread cookies
  9. Take a family Christmas photo
  10. Wear a Santa hat and go ho-ho-ho
  11. Visit Santa at the mall or wave at him from afar
  12. Read “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”
  13. Listen to Christmas music
  14. Go caroling
  15. Go ice skating
  16. Make a snow angel
  17. Volunteer
  18. Drink hot cocoa
  19. Shake all the presents under the tree
  20. Make your own Custom Christmas Sweater
  21. Make popcorn garland
  22. Leave cookies and milk out for Santa
  23. Wish a stranger “Happy Holidays!”
  24. Get an advent calendar so you can eat chocolate every day in December until Christmas
  25. Find an unbelievable gift that will make someone’s Christmas unforgettable

Help us out! What fun holiday stuff did we miss from our list?

Christmas Bucket List: 25 fun things to do before christmas

11 thoughts on “Christmas Bucket List: 25 Fun Things You Need to do Before Christmas!

  1. Have a Christmas costume party at your house tell everyone that they have to dress up as something or someone Christmassy and that know one can be the same thing and at the end of the night they will be a boy and a girl picked for the best costume and they have to kiss under the mistletoe there will be snacks and drinks s d music and everyone will have a good time

  2. Make a christmas cookie plate (sharpies and porcelain)
    Be a secret santa
    Donate or send a gift to a stranger
    Visit a nativity
    Make a salt dough ornament
    Make ice ornaments (for outside)
    Cut out snowflakes
    Bake and decorate christmas cookies

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