Pizza Shirts With The Works

If you had to choose, what would be the one food item you would eat for the rest of your life? While fries and ice cream are probably at the top of that list, nothing really beats pizza! It is the go-to food item for when friends are over and it is the best grab-and-go meal when you’re on the move. Pizza is simple and pleases everyone!

For all these reasons and more, we have heard your love for pizza and have made it fashionable! You can now have “the works” of toppings and that cheesy, saucy goodness on your shirt, minus the stains, of course! Just how every pizza you order is customizable, so are these pizza shirts! Switch out any of the text or art you want and get the exact pizza shirt you want! Plus, we will always have it delivered on time!

Want pizza shirts? We’ve got them!

Pepes over bros pizza shirt

Pizza shirt I want you and pizza

Pizza shirt pizza and me

Pizza shirt pizza is my boyfriend

These pizza shirts are part of our food over dudes collection.

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