Create Lymphoma and Leukemia Awareness with a Custom Shirt

September is National Lymphoma and Leukemia Awareness Month. There are lots of ways that you can spread the word about lymphoma and leukemia. You can join a charity walk/run, participate in fundraising events, or wear a colored ribbon. But why should you limit building awareness to just one month of the year? Why not create a custom shirt that you can wear all year long?

The first step in the creative process, when designing an awareness shirt, is to think about what lymphoma or leukemia means to you. Are you, or is someone you know, a victim of one of these illnesses? What is the message that you want to convey?  These are all things that you should consider when designing your shirt.


Now that you have an idea of what your shirt should represent, you can start designing. When designing your custom shirt you should be aware of the latest trends in t-shirt designs. It is very popular to use a block design. With this layout out the text and art together create a square or block. Also, another well-liked design tactic is to mix font types, usually a bold font with a cursive font.  When designing for a charity or cancer event, it is popular to include the color of the cause you are supporting in the shirt.

First, you should start by choosing a shirt; you can choose a basic tee, v-neck or tank top.  Then choose the color of the shirt, are you going have the shirt be the color of the cause or will the font and art be the color of the cause?  For this example let’s make the shirt orange for leukemia, and then make the font basic colors like white and black.

Next, we will add the text. As mentioned before, block styled text is currently very popular.  When choosing your message, remember what this shirt is going to represent. If you are a survivor, or someone you know is currently fighting the disease, you might want to commemorate it in the message. To really deliver a message you might add a fact to emphasize your point.

Now that you’ve created your own Lymphoma or Leukemia shirt you can start creating awareness! Remember, just because September is National Lymphoma and Leukemia Awareness Month it doesn’t mean you can’t show your support every month!

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