Custom Running Shirts

Lace up your running shoes and start stretching because before you know it, your big race will be here! Whether it is a half marathon, mud run or triathlon, you need to have gear that will help you perform your very best and at the same time, express who you are as a runner! With many races having their own theme or special twist, this also gives you the perfect opportunity to create a running outfit to match the race’s theme. For runners, the apparel item that many look forward to creating is the custom running shirt. Creating a custom running shirt gives you the perfect canvas to make a statement! This statement could be funny, motivational or even competitive! Maybe you’re running to support someone or to support a special cause. A custom running shirt is a great way to spread your message!

Running is a fun sport because it can be both a group or solo event. If you have a race coming up with team members, get the group together and create custom running shirts for everyone so you and your teammates match! If your next upcoming race is a solo run, why not create a custom running shirt to let your competitors know they will soon be eating your dust?

Any of the designs below can be placed on our  performance tees, tank tops, crop tops, and long sleeve hoodies. Let your custom running shirt do the talking as you focus on improving your best time and crossing that finish line!

Custom running shirts

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