Custom Samsung Galaxy Cases

Custom Samsung Galaxy Case
Make calls with style and have everyone take notice by designing your custom Samsung Galaxy case. Personalize your phone case with your own text, art or even upload your favorite image to show off your fun and creative side the next time you are out with your friends.

It will make your Samsung Galaxy stand out from all the rest when so many look the same. Be the trendsetter that your are!

You will be able to add your own text, art, and images via the Customized Girl design center. All of our phone case design centers utilize a unique masking effect at the edges of the printable area. The masking effect is terrific, because it allows you to do two things at once: (1) create a design that exceeds the normal design boundary and (2) visualize the final printed product. For example, let’s say you want to upload a photo that is 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide. You probably want that photo to cover the entire printed area, right? You don’t want white spaces near the edges. With the masking effect, you can enlarge your image to the point where it covers the entire case. You will see a ghosting effect on the parts of the image that exceed the printable area, and the printable area itself will be vibrant, just like your final product.

If you want to buy matching phone cases for your friends, you can do that too! Even if they have iPhones. Just check out our custom iPhone cases!


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