Custom Uniforms for Your Business! CG Fan Spotlight, Lumsden Florist

Looking for a fun way to get creative with your everyday uniforms? Design your own!  This week’s CG Fan Spotlight showcases the designs of Lumsden Florist in Canada.  Below is what Rachel had to say!

“At Lumsden Florist etc. these shirts are our fun and versatile employee “uniforms”.  We wear them everywhere – at local outdoor markets, the local pub, horseback riding and of course, in our store!  People ask me about them all the time and I send them to to make their own personalized attire.”

Rachel designed these Junior Fit Basic Tees and this Guys Fleece Track Jacket. But wait! Customized Girl doesn’t just stop at uniforms! Check out our custom mousepads and coffee mugs that are perfect for sporting your business’s logo!

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