Customize Military Photo Gifts This Holiday Season!

Have a Military family in your life? Show ’em some love! Our custom Military designs are perfect for any soldier and make great gifts for their families! Our easy-to-use design center is hassle free allows you to go above and beyond the call of gift-giving duty! Here’s how!

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. You now have two options. You can either “Start with a Blank Item“, and add your design from scratch, or you can use the “Start with a Design“menu to find a variety of our most popular designs.  In this tutorial, I am going to select to “Start with a Blank Item.”

Step 3. Choose your item. has a huge selection from junior and relaxed fit shirts to mens and youth shirts.  We also have a variety of accessories. If you need more than one style (like both mens and womens shirts) for your order, that’s no problem. We’ll address that later in Step 7. Just choose one of our items to begin.

Step 4. Let’s say you chose the Junior Fit 1/2 Zip Hooded Tee. You are now in the easy-to-use Customized Girl Design Center. The first thing you can do is start adding your very own text. You can then change your text size, font, color, and even add an outline color. You can also arch your text.

Step 5. In addition to adding your own image, you can also choose an image from the Customized Girl Library. By  clicking the “Add Art” tab you are able to search images by category.  This example will be a gift for an Army Wife.

Step 5. To upload your own image, simply click our “Upload Image” tab. From there, you are able to search your computer in order to find the photo you would like on your item. Once the photo has been uploaded, the placement and size can be adjusted. Text can also be added. I am going to upload my photo to the back of my design.

Step 6. Once your design is complete, you are ready to add the size and quantity of the item to your shopping cart.  You are then ready to select the “Checkout” option.

Step 7. If you would like to add to your order by adding your design to a different item, select the “Copy Design” button. You will then be directed back to the design center where you can choose another item from the menu by selecting the “Swap Item” tab.

Step 8. For this example, I am also going to design a Gerber Onesie. Once my item has been selected, my previous design will be automatically uploaded and any needed adjustments can be made.

Step 9. Now that I have customized all of my items, my order is complete. I can now add the sizes and quantity of this item, add them to my cart, and proceed to “Checkout.”

Not only do these Military designs make great Christmas gifts, they are perfect for the whole family and any time of the year. Customized Girl has a variety of Military inspired art and would love to help customize a one-of-a kind piece for your loved one. Visit our Holiday Gift Center to see all of our gifting ideas!

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