Customize Birthday Tees! CG Fan Spotlight: Justin

Hey CG fans, this week we wanted to give a special shout out to 11 year old Justin, who designed custom birthday tees for his grandfather’s 80th birthday! Below is Justin’s story!

“I call my grandfather “Nonnyo” because when I was little I couldn’t pronounce the Italian for grandfather, Nonno.  Since I was the first cousin, all 8 of them now call him Nonnyo too.  This past July Nonnyo turned 80 years old. All my cousins and aunts and uncles planned to gather and celebrate.  Since Nonnyo had been in and out of the hospital most of June, I wanted to do something special for the celebration.  My mother said I could design T-shirts for everyone. So, I searched around online and found Customized Girl.  That was the best website because I needed shirts that fit my aunts, my girl cousin and my 3 year old cousin and my 3 month old cousin.  On the back of the shirts it is like a sports jersey and says “Nonnyo’s 80th” with 80 really big like a sports number.  On the front is a cupcake with a candle so you know it is a birthday.  

For Nonnyo’s birthday celebration we all secretly put on our shirts and then started coming into the room and eventually he caught on that we all were wearing the same designed shirts.  He was thrilled!  We took a walk to the beach and several people asked about and complimented the shirts.  I was thrilled!  After the birthday, Nonnyo gave me a present because he was so happy that I had designed the shirts myself.  Then I was even more thrilled!

Thanks for making this possible!”

Is someone special in your life celebrating soon? Celebrate with a custom birthday t-shirt! Great for any age, and perfect for parties!

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