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Label Rebels – You Can’t Rave With Us (Custom Neon Crop Tops)

Label Rebel Nat designed these custom crop tops and custom shirts for herself and her group of friends who attended the EDC rave. The EDC rave, also known as Electric Daisy Carnival, is a Friday and Saturday celebration that usually takes place during the month of November.

Cant Rave With Us Neon Tanks - Group

Nat first chose our Ladies Flowy Cropped Tank, which comes in a variety of colors. But the most sensible colors for a rave would of course be the neons.

We loved Nat’s “you can’t rave with us” design. We get excited when we see customers use the Customized Girl Design Center to create a cool design and then put it on multiple styles. In Nat’s case, she ordered a variety of trendy crop tanks and then also unisex t-shirts for the guys. She was able to find several different options, all in neons. In fact, we loved her design so much that we emailed her and asked if she would be willing to share her story and maybe even some pictures. Unfortunately, her story takes a tragic turn, so we’ll just copy and paste her exact quote below.

We were very happy with our order, thank you. We actually made these shirts to attend EDC in Orlando. Unfortunately, our friend passed away that weekend while we were up there. These shirts definitely serve as a memory. If you do post the group picture, would you be able to include the hashtag #smileforoscar? That’s what we’ve been using to keep his name alive. Sincerely, Nat

Nat, we are so sorry for your loss. #smileforoscar

Cant Rave With Us Crop Tanks

Cant Rave With Us Couple Shirts

Cant Rave With Us Shirts Tanks

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