Learn More About Your Storefront’s Traffic With New Features For Customized Girl Storefronts

A few months have passed since our last blog post about new features and big pushes at Customized Girl. A lot has happened in those months and we are excited to share our newest contributions to Customized Girl storefronts!

New Features:

– Site Redesign – Customized Girl is getting sleeker! There’s much more to come, so keep a look out. We’re trying to make the site cleaner and easier to use, and ultimately, we’re trying to increase everyone’s sales through higher conversion rates.

– Google Anlaytics – Ever wonder which traffic sources are driving the most visits to your store? Which designs get the most clicks? We’ve recently added the ability to integrate Google Analytics into your storefront! Learn more about connecting your store to Google Analytics here.

– Embed – You can now embed your designs so that they display on your own website! Customers can visit a page on your site and browse your designs. When they click through your design, they will go to that design’s page on Customized Girl. Check out our new FAQ section and learn how to embed your storefront.

– New royalty rates – We have bumped royalty rates on the majority of our products! Now you can earn up to 30% on select items. Check out our new royalty rates and what products will give you the highest return.

– We added the Wanelo social button to our website. Now on every design page, you will see the “W” button for Wanelo, along with other social options to share your designs.

– When a customer adds your design to their cart, they will now see a “Design by [Your Store Here]” link in the Shopping Cart. This way, customers have an easy path back to your store.

– We are continuously improving mobile usability and our mobile navigation menu has been updated.

– We’ve started our own blog series on how to market your custom apparel storefront. The first posts cover TumblrPinterest, and Polyvore.


New Trendy Categories:

Emojis: Emojis are where it is at! We’ve added a ton of new art emoji art and designs to our gallery. Faces, monkeys, cats – you name it.

Spirit Animal: This is a new trend we are seeing that offers a great customization element similar to the Keep Calm trend.

– Cannabis: There was a demand so naturally we supplied the art and designs.

Political: The presidential election is coming up and our designers added some great art of candidates to give our users an opportunity to show their support.


Product Updates:

New stuff is here!

Varsity Jackets – These new jackets are the perfect addition to all those cold Friday nights cheering on your favorite player!

Crop tops – We’ve recently added some new and trendy crop tops in a variety of styles.

Sadly, older stuff is going away.

– Our vendors are no longer carrying the Rabbit Skins Baby Blanket.

– Next Level seems to have stopped making their Ombre tank and Ombre v-neck shirt.

– We have to say goodbye to our plastic ball ornament.

– Vendors also stopped carrying the District Sun Floppy Hat.

– Boxercraft is making some big changes to their Itty Bitty Pajama Shorts. All current colors were replaced with Pink Polkadot and Navy Polkadot.


Big Pushes:

– Fall sports – New year, new gear! Parents will be gear for their kids, but they will  also be on the look out for their own gear to cheer on their favorite players with jerseys, hoodies, and bags. Here is a list of fall sports to get a head start on:

Custom hoodies and sweatshirts –  With summer being almost over, our custom hoodies and sweatshirts are starting to pick up in sales. If you have a trendy design on a tee or tank make sure to add it to hoody or sweatshirt.

The best way to take advantage of these new features and big pushes is to promote your designs anywhere and everywhere. Linking back to your store and designs gives your products a better chance of being seen and therefore sold. The more you sell, the higher your design will rank in our gallery giving your design an even greater opportunity to be purchased. Christmas is almost here so take advantage of those holiday shoppers!


At Customized Girl, we want to build an amazing platform. And we want to build it with the feedback and guidance of our store owners.


Please fill out our very short survey!


We want to evolve this platform based on your input!  We are looking forward to hearing from all of you!

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