Summer 2010 Fashion Trends

Denim Everything: This summer don’t be surprised to find jean jackets, skirts, accessories, tunics, leggings, and even shoes.  Pair denim with whites, brights, and neutrals for a fresh summer look.

Jazzed-Up Leggings: Change things up with your leggings this summer, and go for a pair of acid washed, tie-dye, khaki neutrals, zip ankle details, or denim.

Plaid: This summer designers are mixing plaids with prints, mixing and matching plaids, and going plaid crazy. Plaid can be either sporty or formal depending on the fabric, print, and scale. Wear plaids with neutrals or use a bright color to accentuate the color of your plaid.

Shirtdresses: Is it a shirt or a dress? Both? Shirtdresses are a working girl’s best friend because they just look so great on! Knee-length or shorter usually looks good on most women, and can be worn to the office and then for a night out.

Eye-Popping Shoes: Cage shoes, wedges, ankle boots, are all great ways to spice up a less-than-fab outfit. It’s even easier than ever now because pants are being made shorter to show off great shoes. Cage shoes (update of gladiator sandals, with more of a cage-like design) will probably be the biggest trend, as well as wedges of every color and detail!

City Suit: One of my personal favorite looks this summer is the city suite (short suite). This is a “younger” alternative to the traditional skirt suite. The city suite is easy to dressy up or down, and with the right color, you’re well on your way to a hip and enviable summer look!

Fringed Bags: This is an east trend to incorporate into your wardrobe this summer. Fringe bags add a boho/western theme to just about any outfit, and look especially good with denim.

The LWD: Much like the LBD (little black dress) is a staple for the cooler months, the little white dress is perfect for spring and summer occasions! You can dress it up, or make it casual; whatever you choose, the LWD is a staple for your summer wardrobe.

Coral: Choose a shade of orange that looks best with your skin anything from coral to peach works for most women. This hue works perfectly with softer neutrals like khaki or white. You can also pair it nicely with metallics like gold and silver and blues.

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