Top 2010 Spring Fashion Trends

Polka-Dots: This classic look is coming back with a bang this spring, from small to large dots ranging in different color combinations, textures, and designs. Polka dots are a fun and funky way to incorporate patterns into your spring look in apparel like dresses, skirts, and shirts.

Pastels and Neutrals: These are subdued colors that are the epitome of femininity and elegance, and perfect for anyone wanting to look a little more girly. The color of the season is pink, so watch out for blushing tones and colors everywhere, especially in jewelry and handbags.

Metallics: This spring, let your fashion sense shine…and glitter, and glisten, and glow with metallic accents popping in skirts, pants, dresses, and accessories. With so much bling in everything, you can look like a million bucks without spending it.



Hot Pants and Boy Shorts: Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with that New Year’s resolution, because this spring boy shorts, hot pants, and tap pants are all the rage, with hemlines rising even higher than before.


Ripped Jeans and Torn Denim: Flashback to 90’s grunge? Nope, this is one of spring 2010’s hottest trends that began slowly in 2008, and is now more ripped and sexed-up than ever.


Sheer Fabrics: Fashion tends to get a little bit more revealing in the spring and summer. We do this because of the “heat” and as an excuse to show-off a little bit. So this spring/summer, turn to the sheer trend to keep you cool, yet sexy. Relax; a lot of this season’s designs were created to be more soft and feminine rather than hard-core sex kitten.



Sporty Styles: In 2010, football-inspired tomboy trends are sexy yet effortless, and dance and 20’s inspired tennis looks are the pinnacle of sporty bombshell looks.



Jumpsuits: The one-piece trend has been revived this spring. This look started with leotards and bodysuits, and has now progressed to jumpsuits, playsuits, and rompers. Now, this look won’t work for everyone, but it will give you more options for your warmer weather wardrobe.


Tie-Dye: Tie-dye is not just for hippies anymore. Now tie-dye is showing up on cocktail dresses, sleek shirts, and flowing tanks. If you’re looking for a splash of color in your wardrobe, tie-dye is a fail-safe way to go that will keep you hip.


The Multi-Print Dress: We have all heard that it is not acceptable to mix-and-match prints, and that is because a lot of us were not blessed with the mix-and-match gene. To help us out, designers have taken it upon themselves to do this for us this spring. Look for lots of floral and pastels!


Tailored Vest: The tailored vest is like the perfect cardigan for spring. You can wear it over a dress, tank-top, collared shirt, and more and it will never get the sweater pills that a regular cardigan would, even if you wear it every day (which we don’t recommend).



The Military Coat: This military-inspired trend features lots of pockets, crisp collars, and is sometimes belted, that will keep the dampness of the spring showers at bay.



Warrior Trend: The tribal and military trend is going to be big this spring. Incorporating lots of leather, metallic studs, and tunics is going to be a hot look this spring. If you’re going to rock it though, do it with confidence and conviction.


Over-sized Cardigans: Sometimes it takes a while for things to warm up in the spring, and since we all get attached to cardigans in the winter, just continue your love affair with the cardigan by adding an over-sized addition to your outfit.



Skinny Scarves: This spring, transition out your thick scarves for light-weight skinny scarves to add to a layered look, or paired with a tailored vest for a chic look. To make your own skinny scarf, you can simply cut apiece of material 20” across, and 2 yards long, from a material that won’t fray easily, like a light fleece, felt, or jersey.

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