2019 Statement Makers Customized Girl Scholarship Contest

We’re a little late to post, but we wanted to share our winners from the 2019 Customized Girl Statement Makers Scholarship contest!

Our Statement Maker contest is centered around those who are looking to make a difference by sharing a powerful message with the rest of the world. Our job is to help bring that message to life by spreading it around. For the past 6 years, the Customized Girl Statement Maker Scholarship has helped students achieve their academic goals.

For 2019, we changed things up a bit by picking just two winners. We asked ‘What is your “statement for the world” on Instagram.

We had so many entries yet again this year, and these were our top two favorites and the winners of the Customized Girl Scholarships for 2019.

Erin M.

Statement: Shine so bright that others are attracted to your light.

Sarah S.

Statement: Stay Uncomfortable. Nothing has even been accomplished from a cocoon of blankets.

A big thank you to everyone who submitted to the scholarship contest for 2019!! We know the year hasn’t ended the way it should have for many seniors. We know you’ll do great things and are so proud of you and your accomplishments! Congratulations grads!

We combed through so many amazing and powerful statements this year, as we do every year, really! You’ve really inspired us and we’re sure many others.

For 2020, there will again be two winners. $500 each. We’re asking you to post your “statement for the world” on Instagram. We can’t wait to read more statements from our budding young adults during this time.

One thought on “2019 Statement Makers Customized Girl Scholarship Contest

  1. Be strong like a diamond. Because girl, when diamonds shine bright they are indestructible.

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