Custom Shirts (and more) for Groups!

Customized Girl is very pleased to announce a new group discount structure on our most popular items!

We are now offering very steep discounts starting at 6 items.  As an example, if you are buying 12 basic tees, the price will drop from $16 to $14 each. At 24, the price drops to $10. At 36, it is $9.  And at 48, the price will be cut in half, to only $8 a shirt.

We’re increasing our group discounts because we’re in a battle with screen printers, and we want to win. This has very interesting, and indeed joyous, results for our customers.

The fact is, we don’t screen print. We can give our customers more flexibility and more options and the same level of quality by using direct-to-garment digital printing.  But we offering are custom apparel at screen printers prices (which, by the way, is something completely new in the custom apparel industry) and in doing so we are creating some incredible deals for our customers.  Let us explain…

  1. Our discounts start at 6 items. This means you can add any six items, featuring any six designs, and you will see a discount in your cart. It doesn’t matter if your items match or if your designs match, we’ll still give you the discount. Screen printers cannot operate this way, because there are a lot of set up costs for each screen. You need to get the same design on items of the same size. But not at Customized Girl. If you want to personalize each shirt with each person’s name (or funny nickname), it’s no problem for us.
  2. Add as many colors as you want, it won’t cost a dime more. This means you can add full-color art from our enormous library. You can upload full-color photographs. You can add ten different text colors.  For screen printers, each new color means a new screen, so the price goes up quickly. Since our group pricing is now set up to compete with one or two color screen print pricing, the result is that you can get full color custom shirts at high quantities for incredible discounts.
  3. No minimums.  Our process is the same if you order 1 item or 100 items, so we are happy to offer great prices for just one item.
  4. No set up fees. Because we’re not using screens, there is no set up!

Fun fact about popular items only: the discount increases at every integer. Buying 7 items gives you a bigger discount percentage than buying 6. 8 items is better than 7, and so on, all the way to 48.

Fun fact about all items: each item on our site is divided into “popular items” and, uh, let’s just say “everything else”. Each item is discounted based on which category it falls into.  Let’s say you buy 3 popular items and 3 everything else items. Together, your order qualifies for the 6 item group discount. The 6 item discount for your popular items will be 6.2%.  The 6 item discount for your everything else items will be 5%. Cool?


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