Label Rebels – Bowling Party Shirts


Our Label Rebels always surprise and delight us with something new! And that’s just what Paula did with these custom birthday party shirts she created for her daughter’s 14th birthday party.


We loved what Paula created for both the front and the back of the shirt. On the back, you’ll notice she included the guest’s name, which is a great personalization idea for parties! Paula used the Name & Number feature in our design center to add each guest’s name to the back of the tank top (and the birthday number: 14). This gives the whole tank top design a sporty look, reminiscent of a team jersey. More bowling teams should absolutely adopt the name and number style of jersey. The pictures Paula sent us certainly tell the story about how great the party was and now each guest has a keepsake to remember the good time they had. We reached out to Paula and asked her to share the story behind her design!

We absolutely loved the shirts we designed. My 14-year-old daughter had a bowling party and the shirts were a huge hit with all the girls. They still wear them even though the party’s long over. It was an extra special touch and we got some great picture memories. It was easy to design… and the turnaround time fast. Thank you!



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Personalized Maternity Shirt, Future Fan On The Way!

Custom Concert Shirt

What are some of the ways you could stand out to get noticed by your favorite band? You could create a sign. You could use the ol’ scream and shout method. What about creating a custom shirt? Well, that is just what one of our customers did and it was a huge success!

This is how our customer, Ginessa, described it:

This shirt design came to mind when I was sitting in the front row of the Matchbox Twenty concert in February at the Palace Theater in Columbus, OH. I wish I would have thought about it before that show but knew I had another show a month later in Richmond that also included a meet and greet with the band. I knew I had to make a shirt for that show. I did a lot of searching and thought I hit a brick wall when I couldn’t find a company that would allow me to purchase one shirt only. Then I came across Customized Girl and thanks to your “no minimums” on the number of shirts that have to be purchased I was able to make this idea a reality!

Ginessa has a baby on the way so she purchased one of our personalized maternity shirts and added her own custom text (“Future MB 20 Fan”) with an arrow pointing to her belly. The lead guitarist for Matchbox Twenty, Kyle Cook, was inspired to snap a picture of Ginessa and her custom shirt and share it with his followers on Twitter.

Personalized Maternity Shirts

With the first custom shirt being such a hit, Ginessa is creating more personalized maternity shirts so stay tuned, as this story will continue!

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Custom American Apparel

Custom American Apparel Shirts

For all the reasons you love American Apparel you now have one more reason too, it’s available on Customized Girl! Even though we have carried American Apparel for some time now we keep hearing how much you love it so we’re giving you more options than even before to choose from; leaving you free to personalize American Apparel looks to your heart’s content.

With spring here and summer just around the corner nothing says warm weather and summertime more then the color neon! These bright bold colors just shout summer is here and I love it! Are you ready with your custom American Apparel in Neon? Neon tank tops and crop tanks are perfect for the all those summer get togethers with your friends whether your working out together, hanging out at the local festivals and of course those times when you are just laying out by the pool.

Custom American Apparel

Don’t think we would stop there with the American Apparel because we even have you covered for those dips in the pool.  Now you can customize your own American Apparel bikini top and bottom to make sure no girl has the same swimsuit as you!

If you have your personalized American Apparel look already in mind, great! But if you need a place to start we have many custom American Apparel looks just waiting for you in our gallery.

Custom American Apparel

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Betty Hoops Gets Her Custom Tank Tops from Customized Girl

Custom Tank Tops Betty Hoops

The hula hoop, it’s probably something that every girl has owned or at least used at some point in their life. One of our long time customers Betty Hoops has carved out her own niche area of fitness using the legendary hoop with her hoop dance fitness.

Along with her Hoop Core Fitness business, Betty Hoops also participates in many events which incorporate the hoop. In fact, it was just about this time last year when she set a new world record in the Hollywood Half Marathon for hoop running shattering the previous record of 10k.

Custom Tank Top betty Hoops

Whenever Betty Hoop needs custom tank tops for her events she chooses Customized Girl.

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Ideas To Ask Someone To Prom

We all know that prom is a huge deal for High School. Each and every year the bar is set extra high when popping the question.  Here are some cute and creative ideas to ask that special someone to Prom.

Sweet Tooth

This idea is perfect for guy or girl because who seriously can reject a sweet treat? Cake, cupcakes, and cookies… you name it. Bake it yourself or even better, take that special someone out to dinner and have them spell it out for you on a desert. Super cute and memorable.

Go Cute

You can’t fail with a custom prom bear personalized with his or her name.


Chalk It Up

If you got the creative design skills to pull off these masterpieces then more power to ya!

Balloons, Balloons, and More Ballooons

Fill up their room, car, or locker and pair it with a cute sign to make it extra special. You might need a little help from the parental units for a couple of these ideas but it makes it that much more unexpected!

Post It Notes

Get some colorful post it notes and deck out their car, locker, or anything you can think of! Just be considerate in helping remove them, of course, after lots and lots of pictures.

Make Her Prom Queen

Every girl would love to be named Queen at their Prom so why not make your girl Prom Queen with a custom sash. Make it even more special by adding your names. Trust me, she’ll keep this one for a long time.

Get The Pets Involved

If your girl or guy is a huge pet lover then this idea is perfect for you! Create a custom dog shirt or a custom dog bandana with a personalized message.

Billboards and Signs

If you are lucky enough to know someone who owns a business then ask them if you can use their sign for a day to ask your sweetheart to prom. If not, yard signs are always a big hit. Put them somewhere where he or she is guaranteed to see them. Like down their neighborhood street!


Create a custom t-shirt that can be cute or funny!

Regardless, you know your girl or guy best so make it extra cute and special for them.

We’ve heard of all kinds of crazy and creative ideas such as flash mobs, youtube videos, and custom puzzles but we want to hear from you. Tell us about the best promposals you’ve ever heard of!


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Music is My Boyfriend Shirts

Music is My Boyfriend Shirt

Music makes a great boyfriend. It sounds sweet, can always cheer you up and doesn’t talk back. That’s why we love these Music is My Boyfriend Shirts! Proudly show off your love of music with a long sleeve shirt, tee or pinnie. You can also customize this saying to be on any type of shirt you’d like. You’re the designer!

This would be a cute design to wear to a concert so that everyone there knows that you’re taken…by music, of course!

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Promo Code for the Week of 12/3/12

CGSHP: Free U.S. standard shipping on orders of $35+! As the holidays are nearing, the last thing you want to worry about is having to pay shipping fees for all of your gifts. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! *Orders that exceed $100 or choose faster shipping methods are subject to additional shipping fees and will receive $7.18 off of the total. Offer ends 12/9/12 at 11:59 PM EST.

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Owls Are Such a Hoot!

Owl shirts are so hot right now, so we made this owl-inspired look book on Polyvore!Owls Are Such A Hoot!

Owl Graphic Sweatshirt


Three Owls



$110 –


Slim fit jeans
$105 –


Frye thigh high leather boots
$545 –


Wrap boots
$24 –


Joe Browns joe brown
$29 –


French Connection mitten glove


Inverni fur glove
$185 –


Alice Olivia tube scarve


Topshop knit hat


Knit beanie
$16 –



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